4 Reasons Why Choosing a Local Insurance Wholesaler is a Better Choice
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Four Reasons Why Choosing a Local Wholesaler is a Better Choice

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Four Reasons Why Choosing a Local Wholesaler is a Better Choice

What kind of experience do I want? That’s the first question you should ask yourself when trying to decide between a national or local insurance brokerage.

For an experience that entails great relationships, competitive prices, an ease in doing business and partners who know your area, the decision isn’t a hard one. Choose local! Choose Lane! At Lane & Associates, we understand the power of being local, and we focus on giving our agents the personal attention and service they deserve. Here are four reasons why choosing the local route will give you more value:

Individualized Customer Service

We are all about connecting with you on a personal level. Offering a more customized experience, you’ll find there are real people answering the phones and underwriters who know you by your first name. We are equipped to provide you with individualized care and personalized services.


Things change in life and so you need a wholesaler that can quickly respond and adapt to your changing needs.. With solely your unique needs in mind, we can hone in on offering you a tailored experience, customizing your coverages as needed. With Lane, there’s flexibility, which may be a missing ingredient at a national company.

Competitive Rates

Your best prices are usually right down the street. We have less overhead and the flexibility to customize packages, yielding more competitive rates for your clients. Our existing agents know the values gained from working with Lane. We strive to  outshine the national wholesalers every time.

Knowledge of the Area

We can relate to your specific needs because we, too, live Louisiana. Lane’s team is knowledgeable of the ins and outs from hurricane season to festival season and from Abbeville to Zwolle. Relatability is a priceless value clients can receive when choosing to work with Lane. We strive to offer a level of comfortability and ease in doing business that national companies aren’t able to provide.

Working with Lane is like working with family. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your success.

Karen Bivona is a Lane & Associates underwriter! She underwrites, quotes and services general liability accounts for contractor risks, including our online Artisan Contractor General Liability Program. She has worked with the company for more than 35 years.

Jonathan Whitaker is a Lane & Associates underwriter. One of his favorite parts about his job is the relationships and friendships he's able to extend beyond work. He enjoys golf, traveling, Saints football and spending time with his family.

Marie Hohensee is Lane & Associates Vice President of Commercial Underwriting and assists the commercial underwriters in making sound and profitable decisions in placing business for our customers, as well as underwriting her own book of business. She’s originally from California but has called Louisiana her home for more than 25 years and has been working in insurance for more than 30 years!

Brandy Lane is an Underwriting Assistant at Lane & Associates. Brandy's favorite part of her job is helping the underwriters so we can promptly get things to our agents! Brandy's hobbies include spending time with her friends, trying new restaurants and seeing live music.

Scott Landry is the president of Lane & Associates, an advocate of continuing education and has his CPCU, ASLI, AIS, AU, and AIDA. Scott is active in the insurance community, serving on Commissioner Donelon's Surplus Lines Insurance Advisory Council, The Louisiana Property and Casualty Insurance Commission and the Louisiana Surplus Lines Association. Some of Scott's hobbies include gardening and exercising.

Casey Lane is a Lane & Associates underwriter. His favorite part of his job is building relationships with the agents he serves. When he's not at Lane, Casey enjoys Saint's football, music and watching his four children's sporting events.

Chris Weego is a Lane & Associates underwriter. His favorite thing about working at Lane are his coworkers and the amazing agents he gets to work with. When he's not working, Chris enjoys playing golf, watching his kids play sports and cheering on the Chicago Cubs!

Don Lundy is a Lane & Associates Texas underwriter. Recently, he completed his CPCU designation after 15 years of off-and-on classes. When he's not working, Don enjoys photography, Star Wars, the Atlanta Braves and watching his son bowl.