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Need Commercial Property?

Bind with Lane.

We protect businesses from minor setbacks to major financial losses. We provide competitive rates and excellent coverage for monoline commercial property.

Businesses can get wind coverage for property in all areas above the Intracoastal Waterway.

Target Classes

    • Restaurants
    • Retail Stores
    • Churches
    • LRO
    • Convenience Stores
    • Strip Malls
    • Retail Properties
    • Office Buildings
    • Vacant Buildings
    • And Many More.

Limits & Deductibles

    • Property limits up to $3m TIV wind — in-house
    • Deductibles vary by location


What coverages are available?

  • Wind/Hail
  • Inland Marine
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Income
  • Spoilage
  • Equipment Breakdown

Now Serving Texas

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We understand the struggles of dealing with a competitive property market. When accuracy and time are factored in, it’s important you get all of the information needed upfront. But don’t worry, at Lane & Associates, we can help you COPE!


Verification of the construction type prior to binding will prevent any issues when the inspection is reviewed. Some buildings will have multiple types and a percentage of each should be noted.


Building construcion types:

  • Frame = wood construction
  • Joisted Masonry = unreinforced concrete block masonry
  • Non-Combustible = light metal frame
  • Masonry Non-Combustible = reinforced masonry
  • Fire Resistive = reinforced concrete with metal studs


Know your square footage. This will help us make sure the property valuation is reasonable. Understand the age of your property. When were the systems updated (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof)


What will the building be used for? What type of occupant will use the space? List all occupancies if it is a multi-use building. Be sure to confirm if any flammables are being stored.


Look for promising safety features in the property such as: sprinkler systems, alarms and fire extinguishers.


What uncontrollable exterior hazards is the space susceptible to that will have a negative impact in the long-term?

Learn more about these four pillars of property insurance and how Lane can help you COPE with your property submission.

Commercial Property

Meet Casey Lane Jr., one of our Underwriters! When he's out of the office, Casey enjoys watching Saint's football, listening to music and cheering on his four children at their sporting events. His favorite part of his job is building relationships with the agents he serves. Fun fact: you're not just seeing double, Casey is a twin!

Meet Chris Weego, one of Lane & Associates' Underwriters. Chris' favorite part about working at Lane is working with his coworkers and our agents. When he's not working, Chris enjoys playing golf, hanging out with his two dogs, Wrigley & Fox, watching his kids play sports, and cheering on the Chicago Cubs!

Meet Don Lundy, Lane & Associates’ newest Underwriter. Don’s favorite part of his position is the ability to efficiently serve our agents so that they can provide service to their clients. Outside of the office, Don enjoys photography and watching his son bowl. A fun fact about Don is that his favorite movie is the Star Wars series!