Artisan Contractors | Lane & Associates | Over 60 Skilled Trades
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Need Artisan Contractor’s Liability? Bind with Lane.

 Your artisan contractor business has never been easier! Our online rater makes the process faster and will improve your bind ratio.

See Our 60+ Skilled Trades & Specialty Classes
    • 91111 Air Conditioning Systems Installation, Service or Repair
    • 91127 Alarms & Alarm Systems – Installation, Servicing or Repair
    • 91342 Apartment Make Ready Contractors
    • 91577 Cable or Subscription TV
    • 91340 Carpentry Construction – Residential
    • 91341 Carpentry – Interior
    • 91343 Carpentry – Shop Only
    • 91342 Carpentry NOC
    • 91405 Carpet, Rug, Furniture, Upholstery Cleaning – on Customer Premises
    • 91436 Ceiling or Wall Installation – Metal
    • 91532 Cleaning Outside of Building by Water or Steam Pressure Apparatus
    • 98304 Concrete Staining and Painting
    • 91629 Debris Removal/Construction Site Clean-up
    • 91746 Door & Window Installation – Metal
    • 92215 Driveway, Parking Area, Sidewalk Paving or Repaving
    • 92338 Drywall or Wallboard Installation
    • 92478 Electrical Work Within Buildings
    • 92451 Electrical Apparatus
    • 94276 Fence Erection Contractors
    • 94381 Fire Suppression Systems
    • 94569 Floor Covering Installation (Not Ceramic Tile or Stone)
    • 95124 Furniture/Fixtures Installation
    • 92162 Garage or Automatic Doors/Gates – Installation, Servicing or Repair
    • 95410 Grading of Land
    • 95505 Guniting or Shot-Crete
    • 95625 Handy-person Residential

    • 95647 Heating and Air Conditioning lnstallation
    • 96053 House Furnishing lnstallation NOC
    • 96410 Insulation Install – Mineral
    • 96408 Insulation Install – Plastic
    • 96816 Janitorial Services
    • 97047 Landscape Gardening
    • 97050 Lawn Care Services – Residential and Commercial Work Only
    • 97447 Masonry
    • 98111 Office Machines or Appliances lnstallation and Service
    • 98304 Painting – Exterior NOC
    • 98305 Painting – Interior
    • 98344 Paperhanging
    • 98449 Plastering or Stucco
    • 91342 Remodeling
    • 91127 Security Camera lnstallation
    • 98805 Septic Tank Systems – Cleaning
    • 98305 Shower or Tub Finishing or Refinishing
    • 98967 Siding Installation
    • 99004 Sign Painting/Lettering – Exterior
    • 99003 Sign Painting/Lettering – Interior
    • 98993 Sign Erection, Installation and Repair
    • 99650 Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation/Repair
    • 99709 Tents or Canvas Goods
    • 99746 Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work – Interior
    • 99827 Upholstery NOC
    • 99975 Window Cleaning

Program Highlights

  • Low minimum premiums
  • Up to 35% subcontracting costs
  • Limits starting from $100,000 up to $1m/2m
  • Integrated financing available, with 20% down and 10 monthly installments
  • Application/TRIA forms are generated upon binding

  • New ventures accepted
  • Waiver of Transfer for Rights of Recovery Against Others
  • Designated construction project(s) general aggregate limit
  • Broad Additional Insured coverage, including primary and noncontributory, owners, lessees or contractors and completed operations

While you can quote most artisan contractors online, additional classes (such as roofers, welders, street cleaners and excavation operations) can be quoted through an application emailed to us or a quick phone call to our underwriters.

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Speedy Buying Process

Potential clients are contacting you because they know they need to buy insurance and they are not interested in waiting days or even hours for a quote. LARS is designed to be a point of sale system.

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Competitive Pricing

LARS has competitive pricing and includes additional insureds, including primary and non-contributory. Waivers of Subrogation and Designated Construction Project General Aggregate Limit.

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Affordable Financing Terms

We can offer 20% down and 10 installments through LARS integrated financing. 20% down makes the purchasing more affordable and makes it easier for our agents to collect their agency fees.

Our Program Highlights

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Immediate Assistance
  • Courteous & Knowledgeable Team
  • Low minimum premiums, starting at $350
  • Will look at accounts with up to 35% subcontracting costs
  • Limits starting from $100,000 up to $1 mil/2 mil
  • Deductibles, starting from $250 up to $1,000
  • Integrated financing available
  • Application/TRIA forms are generated upon binding
  • New ventures accepted
  • Broad Additional Insured coverage, including primary and non-contributory
  • Waiver of transfer of rights of recovery against others to us
  • Designated construction project(s) general aggregate limit

Meet Casey Lane Jr., one of our Underwriters! When he's out of the office, Casey enjoys watching Saint's football, listening to music and cheering on his four children at their sporting events. His favorite part of his job is building relationships with the agents he serves. Fun fact: you're not just seeing double, Casey is a twin!

Meet Chris Weego, one of Lane & Associates' Underwriters. Chris' favorite part about working at Lane is working with his coworkers and our agents. When he's not working, Chris enjoys playing golf, hanging out with his two dogs, Wrigley & Fox, watching his kids play sports, and cheering on the Chicago Cubs!

Meet Don Lundy, Lane & Associates’ newest Underwriter. Don’s favorite part of his position is the ability to efficiently serve our agents so that they can provide service to their clients. Outside of the office, Don enjoys photography and watching his son bowl. A fun fact about Don is that his favorite movie is the Star Wars series!