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Need Personal Umbrella & Personal Liability? 

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Umbrella policies go over and above to cover a family and their assets. When a family’s or company’s primary insurance is exhausted by a loss and not enough to cover the damages or incident, a personal or commercial umbrella insurance policy can fill in the gaps and help cover them.

Personal Umbrella

We offer Primary Umbrellas, Excess Umbrellas and Target Umbrellas.
The in-house authority for limits are up to $10m.

We can accept individuals, trusts, estates and personally owned LLCs, applicants with DUI’s, youthful drivers and prior histories. Medical records are not required for applicants over 70 years. The umbrellas are written on a non-admitted basis.

Your Personal Umbrella Application

Personal Liability

We offer Primary CPL, Excess CPL and Farmers CPL. The limits offered are from $100k up to $1m. Identity theft coverage is provided up to $25,000 with no deductible.
Again, we can accept trusts, estates, individuals and LLC’s (personally owned only). Primary locations, vacation/seasonal dwellings, rentals, vacant land, course of construction and high profile risks are acceptable classes. Our CPL policies are written on a non-admitted basis.

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What Does Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance (CPL) Mean?

Comprehensive personal liability (CPL) insurance is a type of liability insurance that covers the expenses from legal liability to third-party liability arising from accidental bodily injury and/or property damage within the context of the policyholder’s private life as opposed to their professional life.
CPL insurance protects the policyholder’s personal affairs as well as the policyholder’s family members from paying large amounts of money for personal liability claims.
Comprehensive personal liability insurance is a standalone liability coverage for a variety of risks. Even if a person already has a primary policy protection program, an umbrella policy like CPL provides extra liability protection over and above the limit of the primary policy.

Who Should Purchase Comprehensive Personal Liability?

Accidents happen at home and away from home. A CPL policy provides both legal defense and indemnification of individuals, so every adult should have this coverage to protect themselves in the event of a claim. This includes:

1. College students living away from home.
2. Those individuals living and/or studying abroad.
3. Renters or homeowners.
4. Owners of property that is leased or rented.
5. Owners of property being held for sale or development.

It is important to note that commercial or business insurance policies do not cover personal liabilities of owners or officers. Comprehensive personal liability should be an essential part of any personal financial protection plan.

With coverage amounts starting at $100,000, we can write up to $1,000,000 or more in limits.

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