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Need Personal Umbrella & Personal Liability? 

Bind with Lane.

Umbrella policies go over and above to cover a family and their assets. When a family’s or company’s primary insurance is exhausted by a loss and not enough to cover the damages or incident, a personal or commercial umbrella insurance policy can fill in the gaps and help cover them.

Personal Umbrella

We offer Primary Umbrellas, Excess Umbrellas and Target Umbrellas.
The in-house authority for limits are up to $10m.

We can accept individuals, trusts, estates and personally owned LLCs, applicants with DUI’s, youthful drivers and prior histories. Medical records are not required for applicants over 70 years. The umbrellas are written on a non-admitted basis.

Your Personal Umbrella Application

Personal Liability

We offer Primary CPL, Excess CPL and Farmers CPL. The limits offered are from $100k up to $1m. Identity theft coverage is provided up to $25,000 with no deductible.
Again, we can accept trusts, estates, individuals and LLC’s (personally owned only). Primary locations, vacation/seasonal dwellings, rentals, vacant land, course of construction and high profile risks are acceptable classes. Our CPL policies are written on a non-admitted basis.